Wow this is BIG!! Abu Dhabi

‘Wow this is really a big mosque’ was the first thought I had when I reached at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Actually the name says enough ‘grand mosque’. You could see the beautiful white mosque from far away and it keeps getting bigger.

2012-04-16 11.13.06

At the entrance I had to wait in line because the day I visited this huge mosque there were more people who wanted to visit. After the security I was guided to the changing room because everyone has to be properly dressed. I had to wear a traditional white thawb wich was very comfortable I must say.

2012-04-16 11.20.33

Once inside the mosque I was amazed by the beautiful design of the carpet, wich is the largest carpet ever made from Iran. But that’s not the only thing, the large chandeliers wich contains thousands of Swarovski crystals. All together with the marble, gold, semi-precious stones and ceramic used in this mosque it feels like you just have landed in a scene of Walt Disney’s Aladdin.

“it feels like you just have landed in a scene of Walt Disney’s Aladdin”

As I was walking around and being hypnotised by all the beautiful things here I felt blessed but most of all I felt peace and love by the people surrounding me. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a beautiful place and worth a visit.

2012-04-16 11.35.53

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