Heaven for shopaholics!! Malaysia

I’m so excited about this amazing shopping mall that I started to write while I’m having my pedicure after the shopping. My feet really need some attention so I have the time to write.

Waterfountain in front of Pavilion mall


The Pavilion mall! First I was impressed about the big entrance with the fountain wich looks like some bowls on top of each other. I must say that I liked the fountain, it really looks nice. Its pretty busy as well because of all the tourist who like to make pictures in front of the fountain. After entering the building you really see how big this mall is. I believe there are seven levels and over 450 shops!! Ohh my… the first thing that came to my mind was; “I need to see every corner of this mall”.

This mall has a lot to offer, shops for every budget. I must say that from the outside it looks like a high end shopping mall. The higher end stores like Coach, Kate Spade and Cartier are situated close to each other. The mid- range stores such as Pull & Bear, Nike and Massimo Duti are wide spread over the mall. There is even a Daiso in this mall. For those who are not familiar with this shop it’s worth a visit. Daiso has a lot to offer from glassware to clothing hangers to gardening stuff and all for one price. The prices at Daiso are around one Dollar. In the middle of the mall you will find a big department store.

Coach storeCartier Store











Somewhere in the middle I got hungry, yes shopping consumes energy, so I went to the food court. This food court has to offer a lot of different styles. If you do not find what you are looking for here there are plenty of restaurants as well.


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