Lets eat on the street: Lau Pa Sat

Lau Pa Sat a must visit when you are in Singapore. Besides the food court where they sell good food you will find satay!!

Sate on the grill

Around 7 p.m. the Boon Tat Street is being closed for all traffic and in less than a few minutes it becomes an open air restaurant. Watching this process is amazing, it’s like an oiled machine. From all corners tables are being brought to the street and all together with the chairs. Charcoal is ignited and the first satay will hit the barbecue as soon as the coal is hot. On the roadside people are already waiting to take their seat because they know… the satay here is really tasteful. There are a lot of stalls but a few of them are really busy because their satays are the best on this side of town.

“Uhhhh Ma’am can I order ten more please!!”

After walking around for a while I found the stall I was going to have my satay. Stall number 8, that’s where I was going to eat. I’m not sure why I chose this stall but it must have been the man behind the barbecue. He was standing there for some time already, turning satay. The speed with which the man turned the satay gave the impression that he had done this for years. Between the turning of the satay, he even had time to chat with me. When I think of how I am doing this at home when I’m behind the barbecue, I can still learn a lot from this man. The setting is amazing I must say. Lau Pa Sat is situated in the middle of the financial district. You will have your satay in the middle of the largest buildings in the area.

busy lau pa sat
At one point I sat down at the tables that belonged to number 8. I decided to buy ten skewers of satay. You can find different types of satay such as chicken, beef, goat but also shrimp satay.
Not long after I ordered my satay they came to the table; sizzling hot. My first thought was: this looks delicious I need more than ten pieces. Uhhhh Ma’am can I order ten more please!! She looked at me smiled and nodded, we understood each other. She knew from the moment I ordered that ten pieces would never be enough.

Sate in the fire

Without even having to leave your table, other vendors come to your table to take your orders for some fried rice, vegetables or some other food. All will be brought to your table. So easy! Make sure your money is within reach because you have to pay right away.

sate on the bbq

Suppose you had your satay and still feel like you have to eat something else or you would like to have some kopi just go inside because there is a big food court. The food court has a lot to offer like local chinese food but also Indian and Malay food. This is a foodies’ paradise. Looking for a starter or dessert? Just a light meal or even for people with a big appetite it could all be found in the food court.

If you decide to eat inside make sure to take a look at the stalls outside and see how much love and joy there is in making satay. The people working here really like what they do it’s in their blood. Enjoy your Satay!!

yummy sate

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