I’m Amazed by the beauty: Gardens by the Bay

For my blogs I always want to make all the pictures I use myself. Because I know that the trees at the garden are beautifully lit at night I decided to go at night. After my dinner and a whole day of walking I went to the garden around 11 p.m.
What I saw at the garden was something I never expected to see in Singapore. When I was reaching the garden I saw that the trees were not blue this night, I must say that I was a bit disappointed because the blue colour is so beautiful. But after all what can I do, I can not ask the management to change the colour because I want to make some pictures.

“I had the park to myself”

When I got closer to the garden I realised that I was the only one walking on the bridge towards the garden, the second thing that I had to be aware of is that I had to keep my eyes open as there is not much lighting in the park. Even though there is not much lighting you could see all the highlights in the park. While taking a sideroad in the park I had to use my phone for some extra light. At this time in the evening you could hear the crickets very loud and clear which gave me a very peacefull feeling. At that point I realised that I didn’t see anyone the past half hour. I felt free and joyfull, I had the park to myself.

Gardens By The Bay View From Underneath

I still had to find the big trees, so went to the nearest sign and continued my way to the trees. Finally I reached the trees, from underneath they are huge, something I did not realise. I decided to just sit there and look, look at the changing colors and the beauty of the garden. The smell of the flowers of the frangipani tree in combination with the colourful orchids made me want to stay here and just enjoy the view. After a while I remembered why I came here in the first place, to make some pictures. It is amazing how the garden steals your time and gives back the peace and happiness. When I looked at my watch I noticed that I just spent more than two hours at the gardens by the bay, I could not believe it.

Gardens By The Bay Total View

The next day I returned to the garden to see the park during daytime. During daytime there are of course a lot more people than around midnight. When you enter the garden you will find a lot of people around the big trees but that is what people see from far away and that’s what is the main attraction of the park in my opinion. In the garden you will find a lot of different corners to sit and enjoy the view but also read about nature.
There are a lot of art sculptures in the park which gives the garden that extra it doesn’t need, but it’s nice to look at.
The garden also offers a flower dome with a lot of beautiful flowers from all over the world. Nice to know is that this flower dome is the largest greenhouse in the world. Another must visit in the garden is the cloud forest. The cloud forest offers different types of vegetation from all over the world.

Gardens By The Bay During DAy

Every evening there is a beautiful light show around the trees at the gardens by the bay. Everyday there are two light shows and you can visit the shows free of charge. The show starts 7.45 p.m. and 8.45p.m.
The entrance to the garden is also free of charge, there is a small charge for the flower dome and the cloud forest.

Gardens By The Bay Baby

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Gardens By The Bay Three Threes

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