Argentina’s #1 restaurant Tegui

Five weeks… That is exactly how long I had to wait for this extraordinary experience. As I was planning my trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina I was in search to visit an excellent restaurant. I wanted to be amazed and blown away by the food. In search for a restaurant that could fulfill this I found Tegui, Argentina’s number one restaurant and the number nine in Latin America. World wide this restaurant is listed on the number sixty-eight.
This is the restaurant where I want to eat!
After emailing with Tegui I was happy to make a reservation, so now the waiting starts.

“This is the restaurant where I want to eat! “

Arriving at the restaurant it wasn’t all that easy to find the entrance. There is not a big sign or a big entrance. The restaurant is hidden behind a wall so from the outside you can’t see a thing from the inside. All you see is a big wall. I had to press the doorbell so the staff could open the door, it feels like entering someones home, really welcoming and hospitable.
Before I was seated at the table the host asked if I could take place at the bench and provided me with a glass of sparkling wine. From this point I had an incredible view over the restaurant. There were not a lot of tables, wich gave an intimate feeling. The lighting was warm and stylish.The ceiling was painted black wich gave an extra dimension to the restaurant. All the way to the back I could see the kitchen, fully lighted. In the front I could see chef German Martitegui, also known for his role as jury in the tv show Masterchef, with his team directly behind him. From the point where German Martitegui was standing he could oversee the restaurant and the kitchen.

Once seated at the table the waiter came with the wine list and of course the menu, a ten course menu. After explaining the menu he asked for any allergies or food sensitivities. For all the dishes on the menu there is an option and all the options are vegetarian options.


The first dish was the snow peas with an asparagus sauce. Snow peas are vegetables I know and have eaten them many times but this was something different. The snow peas in combination with the asparagus sauce was delightful, the asparagus sauce was fresh and very creamy.
Next was the thistle. I never expected that I would eat thistle but I must say that I liked it. The thistle came with goat cheese and walnut. But there was a fresh bite, I think it was orange, and that surprised me.
Rabbit was something I would never eat, but I did. The rabbit was ironically served with a carrot. The structure of the rabbit was new to me, it reminds me of the structure of chicken in combination with fish.
The vegetarian artichoke tortellini was a big surprise. This dish came in fermented almond milk with a lemon oil. The taste of the tortellini came in stages. At first I tasted the lemon oil wich was fresh but when it faded the creamy almond milk came just before the explosion of the artichoke. I must say that this is one of my favorites.
One of the two deserts was a strawberry vinegar desert. As I am a big fan of deserts I was really curious for the deserts. The strawberries were served at room temperature and the taste was as fine as you would expect for a desert. The sorbet ice was something really special. The first savour was fresh and lemon like, but later on a light vinegar taste came which added a whole different dimension to the sorbet.

I believe that there is a reason that Tegui is the best restaurant in Argentina. The food is hardly describable, the flavours of the dishes bring you to a higher dimension. The waiters have knowledge of the food and ingredients, and of course about the wine they serve. The combination of the extraordinary food, the professional service and the tasteful intimate interior makes a dining experience at Tegui unforgettable. Chef German Martitegui did an amazing job with his restaurant Tegui.

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