The most expensive dinner ever!!

You must be thinking “most expensive dinner?” how expensive can it get! Well just keep reading and you will find out.


Last year’s most expensive dining experience was at the prestige restaurant Sublimotion on the Spanish island Ibiza. This year there is an all new dining experience on the other side of the world. Singapore is house of this dining experience. To spend an evening in Restaurant Ce La Vi on the roof terrace of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel is a little more expensive than Sublimotion, 1.800.000 Euro to be precise.
Dont be shocked!! For this amount you will get an 18 course menu in an over the top luxurious ambiance. After the dinner you even get to take the, inlaid with 4 carat diamonds, chopsticks. The diamond chopsticks are worth 15.000 euro and on top of that the restaurant will engrave your name.


If you have booked your dining experience you don’t have to worry if you could get a taxi to be on time. You evening at Ce La Vi will start with a 45 minute helicopter flight over Singapore, after your flight you will be welcomed at a cruise ship and sail on the waters of Singapore. Last but not least you will be transported by Rolls-Royce to the restaurant. Arriving at your table you will be surrounded by 10.000 roses and will the best caviar and oysters be served, the most exclusive wines and the worlds best champagnes will be served. Wines younger than 44 years old will not be found. To complete the evening a gift will be offered, the Jane Seymour ring.


If you are interested after reading this article, then you should be lucky to have this dining experience. Before this exclusive dinner you will be screened, but if you are lucky you could say that you were the only one who had this dinner… ever.

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