The Fabulous Bakerboy: Singapore

This is by far the best bakery shop in Singapore!! I heard a lot about The Fabulous Bakerboy from different people and all were excited about the bakery. The only thing I could do is going to the bakery and check it out myself.


The Fabulous Bakerboy is situated in the beautiful Fort Canning Park. Besides delicious cakes you could also have different types of sandwiches (all day) and dinner (from 6 p.m.). The bakery is gay owned and well-known in the Singaporean LGBT community.

“This is by far the best bakery shop in Singapore!!”

At The Fabulous Bakerboy a lot of different cakes are offered, you could have yours in the bakery or have it as a take away. If you would like to have a slice or the whole cake it’s all possible, even special cakes for different types of occasions could be ordered. There are so many cakes to choose from that its difficult to choose.
On the day I went, to try the best cakes in town, it was not busy so I had enough time to take a good look at all the different cakes. There are more than thirty different cakes to choose from. Standing in front of the shelf it felt like cake heaven. All kinds of sizes, colors and flavors. How is it possible to make the right choice? I think that I was standing in front of the cakes for about ten to fifteen minutes before I could make my decision. So many delicious cakes! Besides the look of all these cakes the names are a different story. The names varying from lemon vanilla raspberry to nutty monkey and from the classic New York style cheesecake to a Swiss black forest cake. But The Fabulous Bakerboy would not be so fabulous if they would not gives there cakes names such as Celine Dion, Tina Turner, Betty Midler, Katy Perry and Mariah Carey.


I decided to take the Mariah Carey, a cake dedicated to this fabulous singer. The cake was made of brown sugar and a rum sponge with a dulce de leche cream cheese. The rum sponge was soft and moist with a light rum taste, the dulce de leche gave the cake a soft sweet taste. The cake was completed with pecan nuts. Perfection!! That’s what this cake is. At The Fabulous Bakerboy you will get a big piece of cake, in my opinion big enough to share. If you are a big eater, the only thing I could say is go for it!!


The staff of The Fabulous Bakerboy is friendly but unfortunately some of them are not aware of the product they are selling. Questions about ingredients are a bit difficult and when you have ordered different slices of cake the staff is having problems to tell you the names of the cakes when served at your table. The cakes are really good and the pieces served are maybe a bit to big for just one person. Prices are comparable to similar bakery’s and the location is really beautiful. I would definitely go back to this bakery, actually I would recommend The Fabulous Bakerboy to everyone just remember what you have ordered or how it looks like.


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