Grandma’s Kitchen just like grandma’s kitchen: Hangzhou

Let me start with being honest; I didn’t want to go to have dinner at this restaurant. I’m not a big fan of the chinese cuisine. All I wanted is to have a safe dinner somewhere where I could understand the menu and order easily. probably you could guess that I did not have a choice, one of my friends insisted to go to the restaurant so for this time I had to go.

“Visiting Grandma’s Kitchen feels like visiting grandma”

Arriving at Grandma’s Kitchen my first impression was that it looked a bit dark at the entrance so you could not see if the restaurant was open. Once inside there was more light and the restaurant was full with people. The host guided us to a big round table and handed out the menu. The menu could easy be confused with a glossy magazine such as Elle Magazine, Avantgarde or Vogue. Looking at the menu I could see that it took a lot of time and effort to create the menu. The pictures used were really beautiful and the dishes looked tasteful. After a while we made a list of dishes we wanted to order, as you have to fill out a form in chinese we asked one of the waiters to fill out the form. After waiting for about ten minutes the first dishes arrived at the table and they looked so yummy. What you see a lot in Asia is that not all dishes come at the same time, wich is exactly what happened here,  but it didn’t matter at all. Because we ordered a lot of different dishes to share we could eat even though not all of the dishes had arrived. One by one all the dishes arrived and I must say that it was kinda convenient because you could finish one dish before starting the next one. During the dinner I was constantly looking for flaws in the service and the meals, but couldn’t find them. The food was delicious and the service was good the only thing I could do is to admit that my friend made a good choice.


Grandma’s Kitchen used to be a small noodle shop on Ma Teng Road, but has grown these days to twenty branches. If you are sceptical about the local cuisine, like me, this is the place you should go to have your dinner or lunch. After the dinner you will get another surprise… the bill. Prices at Grandma’s Kitchen are low, I could say that its cheap. Visiting Grandma’s Kitchen feels like visiting grandma.


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