Top 5: Best places to shop for Christmas

Have your shopping list ready because these are the places where you have to shop for Christmas. Enjoy shopping and giving. Merry Christmas!!

#5 Dubai

In this city you will find the world’s biggest mall: The Dubai Mall. This mall has something for everyone, including an olympic sized ice skating rink, and the world’s largest aquarium. In this mall you will find more than a thousand retailers. You will find shops as Topshop and Zara but also department stores as Bloomingdale’s and Galleries Lafayette. On the malls Fashion Avenue you will find the world luxury labels such as Chanel, Cristian Louboutain, Louis Vuitton and Prada.


#4 Milan

This Italian fashion capital is definitely worth visiting if you need to do some serious Christmas shopping. The golden Quadrilateral also known as the Quadrilatero d’Oro and Golden Rectangle, this trendy area is bordered by the Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, Via Manzoni and Via Sant’Andrea. This is where you will find Gucci, Prada, Moschino, Valentino, Cartier  and many other shops presence on all four sides of the quad easily anchors this area as the chiquest and most luxurious shopping destination in the city. This is the place where the rich and famous come to shop, as you’ll quickly see from the busy shop assistant and the distinct smell of money in the air.


#3 London

For serious fashionistas, Bond street is the place to be seen in and to shop. Bond street, formed of New and Old Bond Street, boasts o e of the biggest and best concentrations of design shops in the world, including Prada, Nicole Fahri and Versace. The English style can be found at Mulberry and Burberry. Auction house Sotheby’s also houses a few antique stores. If you or your other half has a thing for diamonds, you should know that Cartier, Tifanny and Asprey are among the many very exclusive jewellers on this exclusive street.


#2 Paris

Avenue des Champs Elysées: The most famous! Can I really avoid this one? Of course not! This avenue is very large, and offers a nice view on the Arc de Triomphe on one end, and on the Place de La Concorde on the other. It’s quite nice at night, all lit up with the town and cars lights. Some people might think that it’s a very “chic” place, but in fact, there is a quite important diversity in the shops as much as in the crowd walking up and down the street. You can meet businessmen (and women!), because there is a lot of offices, Parisians, tourists, and young ones from the suburb, who like to meet there in the week-ends. You can find a bit of everything you might look for, such as cinemas, cafés, restaurants (from Mac Do to Le Fouquet’s), books, CD’s and DVD’s shops (Fnac), clothes shops (Gap, Zara, Celio, Adidas, Benetton,etc), accessories shops (Louis Vuitton), nice supermarket (Monoprix) or toy shop (Disney…).


# 1 New York

Countless visitors and locals are awed and delighted by New York City’s unabashedly extravagant luxury flagship stores. Since the turn of the last century, the world’s top designers and fashion houses have staked their claims to the City’s most opulent stretches of Midtown real estate, particularly along Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue and 57th Street—and more recently downtown, in SoHo and No Lita. Though luxury stores can be found in big cities the world over, no one does luxury quite like New York City. Not only do we harbor the world’s largest Dolce & Gabbana outlet, the City also features the original Tory Burch store and the Armani/5th Avenue mega-shop with in-house restaurant Armani/Ristorante, serving Michelin-starred chef Lorenzo Viani’s fine Italian cuisine. New York’s vintage shops may cache one-of-a-kind, thrifty finds, and its iconic department stores remain forever fabulous, but its luxury-brand flagships offer a shopping (and window-shopping) experience unlike any other.


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