Happy New Year

To everyone a Happy New Year!! I hope that all your wishes may come true and that 2017 will be better year than last year.

Last year was a good one for me as I started this blog. Thinking it over and over again I decided to do it and it was a good choice. Everyday I learn more and more about the things I love to do. Traveling around the globe is so amazing because you always meet new people, eat new food and visit places you have never been or visited a long time ago.
For the close future I also have planned some amazing trips. Most of the trips I do are short trips up to a week but the one I’m planning now is almost a month. I hope to see so many things so that I could tell you all about it.
Just before the end of the year I also made a nice trip to the middle east but I will tell you more about that in the coming weeks.

Food is also an interesting part of my life because I love to eat. This year will be a bit different because I’m going to eat healthier food. Ok ok I will be honest.. I’m going to eat healthier when I’m at home. And it’s not that I eat unhealthy but I like to sweet stuff. So don’t worry the blogs I write about food will not change into healthy blogs. The articles will stay the same because I believe that when you travel to a country or city you would like to eat good and nice food so why change that.

So there is a lot to come in 2017!! and I’m excited about this year. So lets start!!
If you would like to know where I am you could also follow me on Instagram!!



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