Lets go back in time. Havana

As soon as you get out of the airport you see that time has stood still in this country. I had to wait outside the airport for my ride to the hotel and all I could look at were the beautiful old American cars. The sun was shining, the sky was bleu and I could hear the salsa music on the back ground from that moment I knew that this would be a great trip.During the ride to the hotel all I could do is look outside my window. Cuba is beautiful as far as I have seen it.

“Everywhere you look there are Cubans on the streets”

Once arrived in my hotel I had to wait for my room to be ready. The friendly hotel staff offered me a drink… a Mojito the Cuban drink. What could go wrong?! I enjoyed my drink and by the time I finished my drink the room was ready. After the unpacking and a quick shower I had to go for dinner.
In Cuba there are two currencies. The peso is one of two official currencies in use in Cuba, the other being the convertible peso. For tourists its only possible to pay in the convertible peso also known as the CUC.
As I was tired I decided to stay near the hotel and strolled through the small streets of Havana. There were so many restaurants that it was hard to make a descission. All looked so good and so nice. There was music everywhere and even people dancing on the salsa music. The food I must say surprised me because people were telling me that food in Cuba wasnt that delicious but my experience is the total opposite. The food I had was so tasteful and good. Then the bill came, the prices are amazing. The food I had wasnt even ten CUC.


The next day I had to go to the gym because I had a bit too much to eat the evening before. But after the gym I decided to take a walk through the city, I must say that I walked a lot. Going through the streets of Havana I felt welcome, there were people on the streets everywhere. Children playing soccer on the streets, there parents sitting on chairs in front of there house and even people having a drink with their friends or family. What struck me was that on every corner there were the old cars and they looked beautiful. What was clear was that the owners took good care of their cars hardly any rust to spot or dirt in any way. In the city it is possible to book a trip with on of the many cars, they will be happy to show you all the highlights of the city. One of the sights is the El Capitolio Nacional an exact copy of the Capitol in Washington DC.


Walking over one of the popular streets of Havana (Obispo) you hear music everywhere, the smell of delicious food is also on every corner. All you want to do is stay here all day and drink and eat with the salsa music in the background. Everywhere you look there are Cubans on the streets.


I believe that if you would like to visit the real Cuba this is the time and you should go as soon as possible. In the near future all the authentic aspects of Havana will disappear. The tourism is still upcoming so there are not that many tourists yet. Did I enjoy Havana? YES! so pack your bags and go!!


3 thoughts on “Lets go back in time. Havana

  1. I have this nostalgic fantasy of Americans, especially Floridians, being able to hop on a 1 hour flight and have a weekend in Cuba, similar to the way my inlaws (who are from Britain) did with Spain back in the 70s and 80s.


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