Top 10: Best Hotels

If you were wondering where you could find the best hotels in the world then you should take a look at the list below. Enjoy reading and book your stay at one of these hotels!!

10 : Aria Hotel – Budapest, Hungary

Hungary’s capitol is a visual feast of architecture and epic beauty, and there in the middle of it all is the Aria Hotel. The boutique hotel has a stellar rooftop bar with views of downtown Budapest, spacious rooms adorned in artwork, vast wings divided by genres of music, and a spa that redefines relaxation. Take a 15-minute walk and you’re at the beach, or stick around and sip cocktails while listening to live bands. Whatever you do here, you’re doing it in style.


9: Mandapa, A Ritz Carlton Reserve – Ubud, Indonesia

Oh, Mandapa, you had us at Ritz Carlton, but you won our hearts with the Indonesian Reserve. From this palatial hotel/compound expect massive rooms, a personal driver, stunning scenery and wildlife, dining you’ll never forget and service that will downright spoil you. It’s also located on a cliff with clear jungle views in every which direction. Umm, why the heck wasn’t Mandapa number one?


8: Turin Palace Hotel – Turin, Italy

Italy has good food and great sights so why not double down by bringing that luxury indoors? The Turin Palace exudes spaciousness, convenience and comfort thanks to gorgeous rooms, a central location, solid value, a dreamy spa and delectable breakfasts that have everyone raving.


7: Hotel the Serras – Barcelona, Spain

Hotel the Serras offers an ideal location with convenient access to the enormous city of Barcelona. The decor is modern, upscale and cosy. Roam the city by day and then return just in time to watch the sunset from the rooftop bar.


6: Boho Prague Hotel – Prague, Czech Republic

A running theme among the world’s best urban hotels? Location, location, location. The Boho Prague is no exception to the rule, situated within a few short steps from a slew of restaurants, bars and shops. This boutique hotel is also big on charm and hospitality and features lightning fast housecleaning, a generous breakfast and a luxurious spa. All that and more keeps those five-star reviews piling in.


5: Portrait Firenze – Florence, Italy

Florence is definitely a “walker’s” city and a veritable cultural paradise to boot, so you want a hotel that captures such historic environs in all their accessible glory. For that look no further than Portrait Firenze. Located next to the Arno River and the famous Ponte Vecchio Bridge, this legendary hotel combines modern amenities and luxuries with truly timeless surroundings.


4: Shinta Mani Resort – Siem Reap Province, Cambodia

Reviewers herald the Shinta Mani Resort for its commitment to cleanliness, friendliness and comfort. At this resort you’re never too far from a smiling face and that extends to the staff and guests alike.


3: Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa

Surrounded by endless beauty and history, Hanoi La Siesta is the perfect place to retreat from the world on a cloud of tasty Vietnamese cuisine, euphoric massages and a staff so friendly you’ll want to take them home with you. Come here for a vacation and you’ll start planning your next visit before you even leave.


2: Tulemar Bungalows & Villas – Province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Costa Rica has recently enjoyed a reputation as the new “it” destination for adventurous travellers, and Tulemar Bungalows & Villas might just prove why. Located a short walk from the beach and flanked by jungle life, everything you can ever ask for is within reach here, provided you actually ask someone for it. Oh, and did I mention there were monkeys on the property? That alone kind of makes it worth a visit.


1: JA Manafaru – Haa Alif Atoll, Maldives

Imagine an island resort so remote you need to arrive by seaplane. Then throw in the fact that it costs a pretty penny and made the Top 10 list. Is there anything else you really need to know? If so, just look at one picture of JA Manafaru and its surroundings to seal the deal.


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