Monkey Temple, Bali

One of the popular things to do in Bali is to visit the monkey temple in Ubud. I don’t really know why. It’s nothing amazing and you can’t enter the actual temples but the grounds the area is on are very lovely and yes, filled with a lot of monkeys. I’m not a huge fan of visiting places where monkeys are used to people. I witnessed a few monkeys pulling the hair of a Japanese tourist. When monkeys get used to people they get aggressive.

“Watch out for the monkeys!”

However, everyone raved about this place so I decided to visit it as part of a long walk around the area. The scenery in the area is beautiful but the monkeys do get quite aggressive. 


Watch out for the monkeys! Lots of people feed the monkeys so they are used to interacting with humans. This can lead to trouble as some monkeys might get too close to people. If you choose to feed them, put the food on the ground before hand. Don’t get too close to them. I saw a monkey get “in attack position” at this woman and another attack the leg of another tourist.


All in all, I wouldn’t make visiting this place a priority, especially if you are short on time. There are far better things to see in Ubud than this. Skip this and go on a day trip to the Jatiluwih rice terraces. It’s a far better way to spend your day.

2 thoughts on “Monkey Temple, Bali

  1. The monkeys in Ubud Monkey Forest are the most friendly compare with the other monkey forests in Bali.
    But still we have to be careful of our personal belongings when visiting this place.


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