Cheap shopping at Palika Bazar, New Delhi

If you are looking for a great deal this is your place to be. Palika bazar is a shopping area under the ground but don’t expect it to be quiet. This market is situated in Connaught Place, New Delhi. This market is named after the market Palika Bazaar in Mumbai.

“this is the place for your cheap shopping”

Sinds the opening in 1970 people come here to shop at one of the 380 shop, you will find here all kinds of things but mostly electronic items and clothing. The clothing you will find here are modern western clothing but also colorful traditional indian clothes. Palika Bazaar also has a reputation for a wide selection of illegal products such as fake designer products, copied CDs, software and movies. From time to time the police conducts a raid, but it has failed to put a stop to the illegal activity in the market.


There are seven gates to enter Palika Bazar, and as the market in build in a circle you could get in and out at several points. When you enter the market there is a security checkpoint where they do a body search and check all the bags. Uppon entering the market you come directly into the market and right into the crowd. From all sides venders will try to sell you something as a lot of shops have the same things. Between all the shops you can find your best bargain but you have to look for it. To be honest I have found some real nice things at Palika Bazar. After walking in circles for a while and bags full of things I bought at the market it was time to go up again. On top of the market there is a park where people come to sit and hangout. After all the walking I did this was the place to let my feet rest for a while.


As I have said before this is the place for your cheap shopping and you never know what nice items you end up with. Go to Palika Bazar and find out your self as you will be amazed by all there is to buy.

In the following weeks I will do a lot more articles about India, if you would like to read more about this beautiful and colourful country the only thing I could say is: See you next week!!

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