How it used to be in Punjab: Sadda Pind

If you are interested in the real Punjab this is the place to be. Sadda Pind is such a cool place where you can see the real Punjab. Sadda Pind is man-made but because of globalisation of the region you will not find a place like this, this place shows exactly how it was years ago. It brings you the chance to experience authentic culture, colours and flavours of Punjab all in one place.

“ is in the culture in this region”

Arriving at Sadda Pind it all looked so clean and nice as the roads are nicely paved and no litter at all. The people behind Sadda Pind really try their best to keep the place as clean as possible. As soon as you enter Sadda Pind it feels like getting home, Sadda Pind is so welcoming.


Sadda Pind is actually a rebuild village, you will find little traditional houses. In these houses you will find people who can explain how they used to live in similar houses. Also you will find men sitting in the front yard on a traditional Punjabi bed while the women make food in a traditional oven. All the food made at Sada Pind is there to taste, you will find food such as makki di rotisarson da saagkulfi and a lot more. If you have tasted all the different flavours of Punjab you can also have a meal at the dhaba, also inside Sadda Pind. The food I liked most in Sadda Pind was the jalebi, never before I had fresh made jalebi’s. I had jalebi but this fresh oh my.. I really can recommend this to everyone. Fresh made jalebi’s are crispy but in the same time soft but don’s forget they can be burning hot. From the day I visited Sadda Pind I will never eat already made jalebi’s again.


In Sadda Pind you will also experience the art of spinning yarn and if you like you could try. All I can say that it looks really easy but it’s not. Also you can see how a traditional Punjabi carpet is being made, and if you like you could try this as well.


Sadda Pind also shows you the traditional dance of the region, Martial art and acrobatic tricks and I must say that it all is really nice to look at and gives you a good sight of Punjab.
This is a really nice place with a double intention, one is educating young people how their ancestors used to live and letting them experience the same and the second is to show the people how beautiful and divers Punjab is. To be honest I must say that I really liked Sadda Pind as I have learned a lot about the region, food and culture. If you have visited Sadda Pind you will see that food is in the culture in this region.

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