Visiting the border between India and Pakistan

From Amritsar it is also possible to visit the border between India and Pakistan. As the two country’s are not really in a very good relationship with each other its quite a thing. From different people I had heard that everyday there is a border closing ceremony and its all about pride, so I needed to see that!!


From my hotel to the border it was just around 30 minutes by riksah. Earlier that day I made a deal with the driver who would wait for me at the border and bring me back to the hotel. It was around three when we left for the border because it would be busy.
The way to the border is really beautiful as you drive through rice fields and small villages.


As soon as I got closer to the border there were a lot more people who were visiting the ceremony, I was happy that I left in time because there was still some distance to walk towards the border.
Arriving at the border there were two lines for the security check. One of the lines is for Indian citizen and the other for tourists. After showing my passport I was cleared to enter the tourist line, wich was a lot shorter than the Indian line. Walking through the main gate the visitors were divided into tourists and Indians.
It was still two more hours before the ceremony would start and there was nothing else to do than wait. While waiting I could see that the security was very high. On top of the arcade there were a lot of military staff walking around to keep an eye on the Indian territory.


As the clock was getting close to closing time the crowd got swept up by the crowd warmer. Songs were played to get into the right Indian feeling. The Indian people who come to see the ceremony love their country and as a tourist you will love India too. People are invited to dance on the road towards Pakistan. There are flags all over the place and people are waiting with flags in their hands and painted on the cheeks.


Once the music got louder the people were asked to return to their seats and the ceremony was about to begin. The first military officers came dressed in formal uniforms with large guns and shiny brooches. The ceremony is all about the pride both country’s have and about who is better. Both country’s do their march synchronously and they play a game where the one making the longest sound wins. After some time the gate finally closes and is the ceremony over. It looks like the Indian side is more exuberant than the Pakistani side, but I must say that I could not see it clearly as there were a lot of people on both sides and the Indian side had loud music.

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