Lion safari park: Johannesburg

The Lion and Safari Park is a 600 hectare wilderness reserve situated near Johannesburg. There is a possibility to drive through the park with your own car or have a guided tour. Arriving at the park it all looks clean and nice, the staff is also very helpful and friendly. There are a lot of story’s about the park both positive as negative, but I had to find out myself. 

“is this park really good for the lions? “

After buying the self drive tickets I went to the gate to enter the park, the friendly lady asked for my ticket and reminded me to keep windows and doors closed at all times. The roads in the park are well maintained and there are a lot of trees. After driving for a while I came at the first gate, and I could enter the lock gate. There was sitting someone in the middle of the gate to keep an eye on the cars arriving at the gate.


Where are the lions?? I was prepared to look for a long time. The only experience in South Africa is the one in Pilanesberg. I’m not sure if I was expecting something like that but I wasnt expecting what I saw. The lions were really close in big cage and I was inside with them. There were like five lions and all were sleeping as it was already past twelve. In the first “cage” I did not really know what to think, is this park really good for the lions? Cage after cage came and I couldn’t get my opinion straight about this park.


Beside the self drive safari you could also do a guided lion walk, guided cheetah walk and feed giraffes and ostriches. It is also possible to have an interaction with the lion cubs. In my opinion, that goes to far. Walking by the attendant standing at the entrance of the cub interaction section I asked a few questions and I was happy I did not booked the cub interaction.


Sitting in the car, driving back to my hotel I asked my self the question: would I ever return to see this park, like I have returned to safari park Pilanesberg? In my opinion the Lion and Safari park is a regular zoo and in my believe the animals should be free and not kept in a cage or be pet.

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