Siam House Cafe: hidden gem in Bangkok

Siam House Cafe is really a hidden gem in busy Bangkok. This small restaurant run by a single family knows how to make original Thai food for a very good price.

“im getting hungry because the only thing I can think about is…”

A few years ago a friend recommended this restaurant and I must say that I was a bit skeptic when I arrived at the street where Siam House Cafe is situated. He convinced me to just go inside and have my meal, he said that the best place to have the real Thai taste would be here. To be honest I wasnt expecting a lot from this place but right after the first bite I was sold. Since then I try to go to Siam House Cafe every time I visit Bangkok, and that is a lot. The food served is always freshly made and the vegetables are still crispy. Service wise there is nothing to improve because they know what they are doing. The staff is really friendly and helpful, if you need any recommendation they are really willing to help you. If you need your dish to be more of less spicy that’s not a problem. From the moment the restaurant opens in the morning until the last customer has left they are helpfull and friendly.


Siam House Cafe is a small restaurant with just a few tables. On the menu you will find a lot of different items from chicken cashew to red and green curry’s but you will also find chicken basil and pasta’s. In the morning Siam House Cafe serves you breakfast but you are not limited to that. Actually you could order all the items on the menu all day. While writing this article im getting hungry because the only thing I can think about is the food at Siam House Cafe!! So if you are in Bangkok the must eat place is: Siam House Cafe!!

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