Carrot Cake a real local dish: Singapore

Many times I have been to Singapore and just this week I learned about the Singaporean carrot cake. Don’t think its an orange and made of carrots, its nothing like that. Actually there is no carrot in the carrot cake.

“Inspired by his story and colorful explanation I had to try carrot cake”

As carrot cake is a real local dish you will find it in places such as local food courts or food stalls. Carrot cake is actually eaten all day, people eat it as breakfast but also as a snack or as a lunch. Carrot cake finds its origin in the southern parts of China and is mainly made out of rice flour, fish sauce and black sweetened soy sauce. These days most of the carrot cake found in Singapore are made of radish and egg.

A friend of mine (local Singaporean) told me about the carrot cake and how he loves it and could it everyday. Inspired by his story and colorful explanation I had to try carrot cake before I would leave Singapore.
So on my last day I went to the nearest local food court, wich is also the best place to spot local celebrity’s, with a lot of food stalls and ordered my carrot cake. Standing in front of the stall I did not know wich one to order as there are two versions (black and white). The white carrot cake has a more natural flavour and the black version has the sweet soy sauce and has the sweet taste.


After I asked the man working in the stall I decided to take a combi dish with both carrot cakes so I could taste both. The structure of carrot cake is comparable to american pancakes in my opinion. The taste of white carrot cake is also a bit like pancakes but without the sugar, as it is served with spring onions it has a twist. The black carrot cake is a lot sweeter because of the sweetened soy sauce. To be honest I would go for the white carrot cake as it has a more natural taste. The next time im ordering only the white carrot cake with chilli. The chilli will give it a whole new dimension.
I would definitely recommend this dish as it is a real local dish. The taste is natural so even if you are a difficult eater you will like it.

If you would like to make your own Singaporean carrot cake go directly to the recipe.

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