The feel good restaurant Annalaksmi: Singapore

People around me were really brag about Annalaksmi, a restaurant were you could pay as much as you like and could eat as much as you can. At Annalaksmi the believe is that food is meant for sustenance of life and nobody is to be deprived. Annalaksmi is not a soup kitchen, or a place to feed socially deprived. Instead it is a place that supports the act of giving, from the heart. For example, a mother prepares and cooks a meal with love, selflessly for nourishment and well-being. At Annalakshmi, food is cooked with selfless love and positive energy. This food infused with love and positive energy, when consumed becomes a healing nectar and food for the soul.

“I really like the concept of the restaurant”

When I planned my trip to Singapore I also planned to eat at Annalaksmi. There was this feeling inside me that I had to satisfy. The restaurant wasn’t really far away from my hotel so I walked to the restaurant. To be honest you must know what you are looking for otherwise you will not find the restaurant, somehow it is a bit hidden. When I found the restaurant one of the things I saw was the giant doors of the entrance. The entrance doors are made of wood. To be honest I’m not sure if it is hand crafted, but they look amazing. Inside the restaurant there were still some tables available, but as I made a reservation I was sure there was a table for me. The friendly man behind the desk escorted me to the table and instructed me how the restaurant works. After I had ordered my drinks I went for the buffet. There were some naan breads, rice, some dal’s and some desserts.

The look of the buffet was really basic I must say that the color there is usually in Indian food was nowhere to be found. When I returned back to my table and started my dinner my food was as good as cold. All the food was almost cold actually.


I really like the concept of the restaurant and the feeling it gives upon entering, the service is also good. From the bottom of my heart I do hope that what happened to me was just an unhappy accident.

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