I Am Anil P!!


I hear you thinking… who is Anil P, well I am a traveler, foodie and a lover of luxury! (in every way). For work and leisure I travel all over the world and stay at the most beautiful places. Food to me is as important as air. The life I live is the life I have always wanted since my childhood.

Born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Amsterdam that’s where I’m based and from Indian/ Surinam origin. I’m from a loving family and have a younger sister. Furthermore I have two dogs, Raja and Prince.

I will write about the places I visit all over the world, tell you about the food I eat or cook, and from time to time I’ll share the recipe with you, but also share my experience about the hotels I stay in.

Enjoy reading my blogs I hope you will like them and please let me know what you think!!


A few things about me!!

Love food

Luxury addict

Travel in style

M&M’s fan (gotta love Yellow)

Guilty Pleasures!!


Suriname style fried rice


Belgian fries with mayonnaise